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Naruto Chapter 522- colorings

It's been a while since I posted some colored manga in here, huh? Well, about a month or so ago, I was catching up on Naruto and go figure. Two of my favorite antagonists from way back in the beginning were brought back. Sort of. I won't go into details in case anyone looking at this hasn't been caught up within the past 20 or so chapters.

At any rate, I had been in a bit of a coloring slump at the time, but seeing the chapter these came out of, I guess I found my inspiration again. And I actually colored the whole pages too. Details, backgrounds, the whole thing. I have every intention of going to color some of the other pages I yanked from that chapter or more Pokemon pages or panels. I haven't decided yet.

Credit for manga pages: mangafox

Two full pages under here~Collapse )

Shading the Sun

Title: Shading the Sun
Rating: Somewhere in the grey space between PG-13 and R
Characters: Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland/Northern Ireland, Brigid Erin Aine O'Donnell/Republic of Ireland, and a short visit with David Trimble
Summary: Several months after the signing and approval of the Good Friday Agreement, Connor decides to visit his sister voluntarily, for the first time since leaving her in 1921. On the way there, he stops in Omagh. The date: August 15th, 1998.

Warnings: Detailed(ish) description of the bombing at Omagh in 1998, gory descriptions of injuries, a possible Tear Jerker, OCs, bad accent, 3425 words including footnotes, and personal characterization/interpretation of a real person and real events (see disclaimer in footnotes, please)

It was funny, some of the ideas that came to him while sober that April. One being to visit his sister.Collapse )

Sunday, Stained Red

Title: Sunday, Stained Red
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Northern Ireland (Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland), England (Arthur Kirkland), and John Pius Young.
Summary: In 1972, the Troubles were already underway, and this particular day would stick in the minds of many, including Connor, who happened to get caught up in the horrors of the infamous date, known now as Bloody Sunday.

Warnings: Death, blood, gore (but not too gratuitous?), OC and real person present, traces of bad accent, failure to be British, alcohol mention/use and… language.

Sunday... Bloody SundayCollapse )

A Heart O' Glass

Title: A Heart O' Glass
Rating: PG
Characters: Northern Ireland (Conchobhar/Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland), Republic of Ireland (Brigid Erin Aien O'Donnell), England (Arthur Kirkland), Scotland (Douglas Allaway), and Wales (Llewellyn Ashe).
Summary: Brigid and her brothers celebrate the Irish Free State a year after its creation, but Conchobhar has a bombshell of his to drop. The countries' perspective on the break of the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland.

Warnings: If you haven’t noticed a pattern… suddenly OCs, EVERYWHERE. Uh… alcoholic mentions/references, hinted sexual activity (blink and you’ll miss it), and… you might want a box of tissues.

There's no place like home until you refuse to call it so anymoreCollapse )

Connor The Babysitter... Sort Of

Title: Connor The Babysitter... Sort Of
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Northern Ireland (Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland), Republic of Ireland (Brigid Erin Aien O'Donnell), Guernsey (Iseult Carys Aodhán O'Donnell-Harkness), Isle of Man (Ifan Patrick Aodh O'Donnell-Harkness), mentions of England (Arthur Kirkland)
Summary: Brigid leaves the twins with her brother for the afternoon, but while he rests, the kids get curious.

Warnings: Mentions of The Troubles, OCs GALORE lol, semi-gratuitous drinking, some language... that might be it

There’s a favor I need to be asking of you, she said slowly.Collapse )

Welcome To The Club

Title: Welcome To The Club
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Northern Ireland (Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland), Republic of Ireland (Brigid Erin Aien O'Donnell), and England (Arthur Kirkland); mentions of Scotland (Douglas Allaway) and Wales (Llewellyn Ashe)
Summary: The year is 1941, in the middle of The Blitz, and Connor's capital of Belfast is a perfect target for the German pilots. This is a story of Connor's experience in the Belfast Blitz.

Warnings: Some language, written using true historical events from the Belfast Blitz, OCs, and possible bad accents.

It had seemed like any other night during the war. But this night went to hell very quickly.Collapse )

Weeping Angel Macros

So I watched The Time of Angels at 11pm and now the paranoia's starting to creep in. So to settle it, I got a cracktastic idea and started throwing together some macros featuring those Weeping Angels. (I'm guessing the keywords on my icon are rather fitting here?)

No spoilers so far, but this post will be extremely image heavy as I continue adding to it.

Cut for the image-heavinessCollapse )

Future-AU(?) Drabble; Axis Powers Hetalia

Title: Homecoming
Rating: G/PG
Characters: Republic of Ireland (Brigid Erin Aien O'Donnell) and Northern Ireland (Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland)
Summary: A couple hundred years in the future, the separated siblings are finally reunited.

Warnings: None. Unless you're rabidly against OC's.

it seemed every man, woman, and child was celebrating...Collapse )
Two drabbles done for the the Monthly Character challenge, focusing on Neville Longbottom.

Read more under hereCollapse )
Just over two years ago, I used to hang around the Mugglenet Fanfiction forums under the username/penname, Lily_writes. And for a while, I fell into a fanfic writing rut and started writing drabbles for some of the challenges that popped up there. As part of a nostalgia kick I got on, I've decided to move them here to share. In this post are all the drabbles I wrote for the Inner Thoughts Challenge, five drabbles in all and none go over 500 words as per the challenge word count rules.

Drabbles down hereCollapse )

Yes, gasp, so soon

I forgot to put up the handful of pages from the mini-manga I'm Home that I've colored. Mostly too lazy to color the backgrounds, but what else is new?

Three pages(ish) under hereCollapse )
Lately I've been showing off all my colored manga on plurk, but not here. I seem to be on a bit of a Pokemon Special binge, with a favoritism toward the Gold/Silver/Crystal arc, especially if it involves Suicune. On a few I got lazy and didn't color the background, but I'm kinda glad with how they came out. I'll probably end up iconning these at some point, so keep an eye on tophiecons for those! So without further ado....

Seven images: four panels and three full pagesCollapse )
Once again, I have stayed up a few more hours than I should have working on some colorings. This time, just one small panel piece from the mini-manga 'Wanderer'. I ended up removing the text from it and once I was done coloring it... I went and threw on a texture or two I had lying around, and on a few more I wrote on them for fun.

all images under cut, 1 base with a few variationsCollapse )

C*lover colorings

Back in mid-March, chibi_flora posted her doujin C*lover on gundam00. It's a nine page piece that is sad, bittersweet, and cute all at once. So as of... six am today, I finally finished coloring all nine pages (minus some background stuff because I'm lazy XD;;;). So if you happen to stumble upon this, I hope you enjoy it. If I ever get un-lazy, I'll icon it and hopefully drag myself to do an icon post some time this summer.


Motoko Namefag's Perfect Ending

Title: Motoko Namefag's Perfect Ending
Rating: G/PG
Pairing/Characters: Setsuna, Ribbons, Graham, and other characters
Summary: Filled for the Gundam 00 kinkmeme. Done for the "Post Series" challenge, originally predicted on /m/.

Warnings: Crack

And so I was a tiny bit disappointed this didn't really happen. ):Collapse )

A Better Place

Title: A Better Place
Rating: G/PG
Pairing/Characters: Tieria, and dead characters
Summary: Filled for the Gundam 00 kinkmeme. After Tieria dies, he finds himself in a place where many familiar faces can be found.

Warnings: Character death

The gun fired multiple times, the last one shattering the helmet visor, and then, there was nothingCollapse )


Title: Dreams
Rating: G/PG
Pairing/Characters: Saji/Louise
Summary: Filled for the Gundam 00 kinkmeme. Done for the Saji birthday challenge.

Warnings: None

Some dreams were meant to be tangible while the rest slip through our fingersCollapse )

Battle On Board

Title: Battle On Board
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Soma/Anew w/ voyeur!Lyle
Summary: Filled for the Gundam 00 kinkmeme. An alternate take on the events from Soma and Anew's encounter on board the Ptolemaios II.

Warnings: Cat fighting, fapping, not really work-safe

It was chance that Soma Peries had been the first to locate Anew Returner in the empty corridorCollapse )

How Soldiers Do It

Title: How Soldiers Do It
Rating: G/PG
Pairing/Characters: Neil + Tieria (platonic, unless you squint and tilt your head 90 degrees)
Summary: Filled for the Gundam 00 kinkmeme. Neil and Tieria had been investigating some closed up military camps around the winter and their hotel room has crappy heating, cue blanket fic.

Warnings: None to speak of

Speak up if you have something to say, Lockon StratosCollapse )


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